Ela Demirkaya

dav, born in 2010, in İstanbul, started to play the piano at the age of 6. She started to study with Prof. Gülden Gökşen in 2017.

Prizes she won till now:

1. 2017 Hisar Schools International Piano Competition first prize.

2. 2018 Mozart Academi Fourth International Music Competition second prize

3. 2018 Caspi Art International Music Competition first prize

4. 2019 Fourth International Young Talents Music Competition first prize

5. 2019 Fourteenth Pera International Music Competition Third prize

6. 2019 “Muse 2019” International Music Competition first prize

Besided numerous concerts she appeared in, she found the opportunity to perform in the Megaron Hall, in Athens, as the reward of the competition.
She had a right to study at the Mimar Sinan Arts University Istanbul State Conservatory, in the part time instructions programme. She is still continuing her education in the same school, as a student of Prof. Gülden Gökşen.

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