Erind Bajo

Erind Bajo

Erind Bajo was born in 02-nd February 2007 in Tirana, Albania.

In 2007 he has started to learn playing the guitar as a selftaught person. From 2015 to 2018 he has followed private courses to learn playing the guitar. From 2017 to 2019 he has followed learning to play the piano and accordion instruments. In September 2018 he has started to learn playing the classical guitar, in the six-th grade of the Artistic Lyceum “Jordan Misja” Tirana,where actually he is studying in the seven-th grade.

His greatest passion is playing with some musical instruments. He plays the guitar, the piano, the accordion in September 2019 he has started learning to play the violin instrument too.

He has taken part to a considerable cultural activities, that has been organized to school, in different cultural centers in Tirana capital, displayed on television channels and theme festivals in Albania country, as well as international festivals in foreign counties in Europe, where he has won same prices.

In “Virtuosos” competition show that was organized on “Klan” television channel, in December 2017 in Tirana capital up to March 2018 and he has become popular by the audience as a talented and virtuosos boy.

His artistic activity is presented here:

2015-2019: Participant in various artistic activities organized by the “Municipality Tirana Cultural Center”.


27-29.06.2016: Participant with guitar playing at the International Competition”Songs of the Earth” (18-th Edition), developed at the “Laurels” theater “DEA” Art  Center,  Ksamil in Saranda, Albania, Second Price Winner


24.06.2017: Participant in the International Competition “Earth Songs” (19th Edition), organized by DEA” Art  Center, Ksamil in Saranda, Albania


07.10.2017: Participant in the International Guitar Competition in Tirana (5th Tirana International Youth Guitar Competition 2017), Second Prize Winner


03.11.2017: Participant at the Joint Instrumental Vocal Concert “Tirana City of  Dreams for All”, developed in Tirana organized by the DEA” Art Center, Ksamil in Saranda in collaboration with “TEN” Multifunctional Center in Tirana.


December 2017- March 2018: Participant with two-stage performance of Classical Guitar in   “Virtuosos” competition show” hosted by Klan Television in Tirana.


30.05.2018-02.06.2018: Participant in the Summer Talent Festival, organized by City Hall Tirana and the National Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Great Prize Winner “Visit to Disney Land Paris”.


15.03.2019-15 April 2019: Participant in the “International Music Competition” Belgrade Serbia, Discipline Classical Guitar Discipline, First Prize Winner.


15.03.2019- 15 April 2019: Participant in the “International Music Competition ”Belgrade Serbia,  Discipline Accordion. Second Prize Winner.


14.04.2019: Participant in Tirana Guitar Day Concert, dedicated to the promotion of Guitar Instrument, organized by the Guitar Department of Artistic Lyceum “Jordan Misja” Tirana


25-28 April 2019: Participant in International Music Festival “Pjetër Gaci” Shkodër Albania, First Prize Winner.


29.05.2019- 03.06.2019: Participants in the Summer Talent Festival, organized by City Hall Tirana and the National Chamber of Commerce and Industry


08.06. 2019: Participant in the “Tirana International Junior Talent Competition X-th Edition” classical guitar discipline, First Prize Winner.


08.06. 2019

Participant in “Tirana International Junior Talent Competition  X-th Edition” classical accordion discipline, First Prize Winner.


24.06.2019: Participant in the concert of “Albania Guitar Festival”.


June 25-30, 2019: Participant in “Peja International Guitar Festival 2019” Kosovo, Second Prize Winner.

Master Classes with Professors: Hubert Käppel, Xhevdet Sahatxhija.


18.08.2019-22.08.2019: Participant in the International Guitar Festival in Vienna, Austria (Forum Guitar 2019, Awarded with the Special Disstinction “For  the  Excellent Talent at the International Youth Competition and Masterclasses in Forum Guitar Wien 2019”

Master Classes with Professors: Jose Maria Gallardo, Stephan Wolke, Olaf Van Gonnissent, Bozhana Pavlova.


August 2019-15 September 2019:  Participant in Paris Music Competition Online 2019.


July 2019-30 September 2019 Participant in the “International Internet Music Competition (IMKA), in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Discipline Guitar, Second Price Winner.







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