Arianna Bonatesta

Arianna Bonatesta,

Arianna Bonatesta was born in Rome in 1988.

She has been studying piano since she was 6 years old.

She debuted as solo pianist at the age of 9 at Associazione “Invito alla lettura” of Castel Sant’Angelo in Rome.

She graduated in 2010 (I level degree) at Conservatorio di Santa Cecilia in Rome, under the lead of A. Tramma.

She performed two concert-lessons on F. Chopin’s studies at J. S. Bach Academy and at Associazione Domenico Sarro.

Under the lead of C. Guaitoli, she graduated with highest grades in 2012 (solo piano, II level degree) at Conservatorio G. Briccialdi in Terni; she graduated with highest grades in 2014 (chamber music, II level) with Angelo Pepicelli, playing in duo with Diana Bonatesta as violist.

As solo pianist, she attended international masterclasses of Michele Campanella, Bruno Canino, Aldo Ciccolini, Alexander Lonquich, Sergio Perticaroli, Carlo Guaitoli, and Joaquin Achucarro; she also attended International chamber music’s masterclasses led by Trio di Parma, Benedetto Lupo, and Anna Kravtchenko.

At very young age, she collaborated with Conservatorio di S. Cecilia, playing as soloist as well as pianist with orchestra, performing at University of Tunis (Department of Architecture) with oboist C. Napoli and at Festival dei Mondi “Il Maggio” in Spoleto (organized by Z. Metha).

In 2010 she founded Quintetto Prysma.

With Quintet Prysma, she studied at International Academy of Music in Sacile, under the lead of Zaldron, Redaelli, and Simoncini.

In 2010 she founded Quintetto Amarté (piano and strings).

With Quintetto Amarté, she studied at International Academy of Music of Trio di Trieste with D.  De Rosa, M.  Jones, R.  Zanettovich, and E. Bronzi, being awarded with scholarship as best chamber music formation of 2010-2011.

With Quintetto Amarté, she won an absolute first prize both in the national competition “Magliano Sabina” and “G. Rospigliosi” and perfomed at prestigious locations as the Academic Hall at Conservatorio di Santa Cecilia in Rome, the “Festival dei Due Mondi” in Spoleto, the Castello Miramare in Trieste, the University of Molise,the Revoltella Museum in Trieste, the Associazione “Caos” in Terni, and the Keiros Theatre in Rome.

She also did one tour in Sicily, performing in Piedimonte, Mascali, Linguaglossa, Fiumefreddo, and Calatabiano’s Castle.

She was awarded as best young professional musician in 2005.

In 2013 she was awarded with “Best Career Award” by Comune di Roma (city of Rome) and was invited to play as piano soloist at Cassia Theatre in Rome.

She attended the International Academy in Fiesole; the International Chamber Music Academy, led by Trio di Parma; the High Improvement Academy with Trio di Trieste, M. Jones, and E. Bronzi; the International Academy of Ars Trio di Roma in Rome; the International Academy of Sacile with S. Redaelli, D. Zaltron, and L. Simoncini.

In 2014, she graduated with honours in Chamber Music at Istituto G. Briccialdi in Terni.

In 2017, she has been invited as visiting Professor at International Courses of High Perfection of Norcia.

Currently she is Professor of Pianoforte at Conservatorio “Pollini” Padova, Italy.

At the moment, Arianna Bonatesta (pianist) and her sister Diana Bonatesta (viola) play together in Duo Rùnya.

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