Diana Bonatesta Duo Rùnya

Diana Bonatesta born in Rome in 1983; in 1987 she began playing violin.

At the age of 10 she joined viola’s class at Conservatorio di S. Cecilia, studying with Paolo Centurioni for 8 years.

Under M. Burton’s lead, she graduated with honours (Diploma) as well as cum laude (Biennio Specialistico di II livello – II levels’ specialized two-years period).

During the two-years period, she also studied with F. Fiore and L. A. Bianchi.

She attended the high perfection’s course with Marco Fiorentini as well as Trio Tchaikovsky’s (K. Bogino – A. Liebermann) Masterclasses at Arts Academy in Rome.

Under the lead of R. Filippini, she was awarded with High Perfection’s Diploma in Ensemble Music at Accademia di S. Cecilia; she was also awarded with Viola’s Diploma (with honours), after having studied with M. Paris.

For her brilliant outcome with High Perfection’s Diploma in viola as well as for having been the best graduate of all Italian Music Academies, she was awarded with the “G. Sinopoli” scholarship at Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia as best graduate of the year and she was also awarded with a honourable mention by the President of the Italian Republic Giorgio Napolitano, during a formal ceremony at Palazzo del Quirinale.

She studied with B. Giuranna both at High Perfection’s Academy “W. Stauffer” and at Accademia Chigiana in Siena (summer courses).

In 2007 she founded Quartetto Avos, playing there as violist.

With Quartetto Avos, she won prestigious prizes in International Competitions as “Trio di Trieste”, “V. Gui”, and “Zinetti”, and she performed in important locations as “La Fenice” Theatre in Venice as well as in Italy, Netherlands, and Japans (2 tours); she also recorded her first CD with pieces of Brahms and Mozart.

In 2011 Quartetto Avos recorded the two Quartets with piano of C. S. Saëns and W. A. Mozart for Brilliant and OnClassical labels.

With Quartetto Avos, she attended Ensemble Music’s class with Trio di Trieste and Alban Berg Quartet (G. Pichler – V. Erben), being awarded with scholarship, “Diploma di Merito”, Monte dei Paschi di Siena’s Prize, and in 2010 the Accademia Chigiana’s Diploma of Honour (the eighth Honour’s Diploma ever awarded by Accademia Chigiana).

She studied with Trio di Trieste, M. Jones and E. Bronzi, attending the International Course of High Perfection at “Collegio del Mondo unito” in Duino (Trieste) for 4 years; she also studied with Quartetto Alban Berg (G. Pichler-G. Shultz-I. Charisius-V. Erben), attending the Hochschule für Musik und Tanz in Köln (Germany).

She has been invited as Professor to teach at perfection’s corse of viola and chamber music.

Having won the relative competition, she collaborated as assistant with Orchestra Nazionale di S. Cecilia e del Teatro dell’Opera di Roma.

In 9 July 2011 she performed with E. Virsaladze and N. Gutmann, playing R. Schumann’s Quintet for piano and strings at Festival Pontino 2011.

In 2013 she played as first viola in Soloists Chamber Orchestra at Hulencourt Art Project (Bruxelles); she also played that year R. Schumann’s Quintet with Ars Trio di Roma and G. Mahler quartet with piano with K. Bogino.

In July 2013, she partecipated at World Premiere of DECALOGO part. 1 at Festival dei Due Mondi of Spoleto.

She attended AIM Academy of Rome with Ars Trio and K. Bogino.

When M. Jones organized the last concert of her prestigious career, she performed R. Strauss’s Quartet op. 13 at Politeama Rossetti (Trieste).

In 2014, she graduated with honours in Chamber Music at Istituto G. Briccialdi with her sister Arianna Bonatesta.

With Arianna Bonatesta, she founded Duo Rùnya (piano and viola).

With Duo Rùnya, she attended High Perfection’s Academy of Fiesole and High Perfection’s Academy of Trio di Trieste (under the lead of Trio di Parma).

She has been invited as visiting Professor of viola and chamber music at International Courses of Perfection in Norcia.

Currently she is Professor of chamber music at Conservatorio “C. Monteverdi” in Bolzano (Italy).

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