Nadzeya Vashkevich

Nadzeya Vashkevich is a Belarusian pianist located in Poland.

She started her musical education in 2009. Being a schoolgirl she has always been very active
and took part in different educational competitions and Olympiads. Also, Nadzeya was fond of sport
activities, such as handball or ballet-dancing. But music interested her most. At the age of 10 she said to
her mom, that she wants to learn playing the piano. And after few classes in music school, she has
already decided to become a professional pianist. Besides I was interested in vocal-classes and had a
success in different junior competitions as a soprano singer. It is worthwhile noting that Nadzeya
Vashkevich practices vocal at the present.
In 2018 she graduated with honors from Music college in Brest (Belarus). By now Nadzeya
Vashkevich has several years of working as a concert pianist and accompanist in the Philharmonic (Brest,
Belarus), as a chamber music player and also orchestra member. She’s experienced in studio recording
and dreams of creating her own solo CD in future. Among the achievements are 2 nd prize of Piano
competition in Saint-Petersburg, Russia (2017), 2 nd prize of Chopin competition in Lutsk, Ukraine (2017)
and prize for the best performance with orchestra on the Festival in Sanok, Poland (2017). Since 2020
Nadzeya is a piano student of Chopin University of Music in Warsaw (Poland). In addition, she’s the 1 st
prize winner in “IMKA” competition in 2021.
“In my opinion, we should always have great goals to achieve, because it forms our best
qualities.” Nadzeya Vashkevich

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