Eva Faganelj Flute

I was born in ŠempeterpriGorici on 14th May 2004. As soon as I heard my sister playing the flute at home, I was fascinated by its mellifluous sound and decided to play it. I embarked on my music career at the age of 7 at the Music School Nova Gorica. Armando Mariutti was my teacher who gave me invaluable knowledge and supported me throughout our eight years together. He was not only an excellent teacher, but also a kind-hearted person.

During my schooling, I entered various competitions at which I achieved notable success: first prize at the national competition TEMSIG 2016 (Slovenia) and first prize at TEMSIG 2019 (Slovenia). I also participated in many international competitions across Europe, i.e. in Italy, Croatia, France (online), Serbia and in Bosnia and Hercegovina where I won several awards. Of all competitions, I have very fond memories of the many consecutive competitions in Požarevac(Serbia) where I won first prize for the first time. The competitions in Serbia were a unique experience since they represented an opportunity to travel with my family and to socialize with my teacher. Besides solo performances and competitions, I played in a symphony orchestra and in thechamber ensemble Trio Amicus, with which I also secured many first prizes in Slovenia and abroad. In addition, I also performed a solo while playing with the Chamber String Orchestra of the Ljubljana Academy of Music under the direction of Professor JanezPodlesek at the first concert of the Kogoj Days Festival (2017). At the concert for the 70th anniversary of the Music School Nova Gorica (2018), I played as a soloist and as a member of the school symphony orchestra.

I am currently a 2nd year student at the Conservatory of Music and Ballet in Ljubljana under the mentorship of NatašaPaklar. In the school year 2019/20, I participated in the international competition Concertino Prague 2019, where I reached the second round of the competition. In the school year 2020/21, I performed a novelty by composer Peter Šavli: A spell for flute and piano as part of the Night of Slovenian Composers concert. At the online competition PaMus Flow I secured first prize (third place), while at the competition World Open Online Music Competition I was awarded first prize (first place). I also took part in the IMKA competition (International Internet Music Competition) and won first prize.

To date, I have attended both master classes and summer schools with flutists MatejGrahek, Johanna Dömötör, Felix Renggli and Martin Belič.

Besides playing the flute, I also play other instruments: the piano and, during my free time, the panpipes. I really enjoy listening to film music too.

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