Dmytro Holoborodov Multiinstrumentalist

Dmytro Holoborodov is a Ukrainian multi-instrumentalist, born on April 11,
1997 in Poltava (Ukraine). At the age of 8 he began to study music at the Poltava
Children’s Music School №1. He studied playing two instruments at once – violin and
accordion. One year later young musician also began taking trumpet lessons. Having
his own piano at home, Dmytro mastered playing it at the elementary level. From the
age of 9 before graduation from Music School, every year he was the winner of the
regional competition «Young Virtuoso of Poltava Region» in three nominations:
«Violin», «Trumpet», «Accordion». Young musician also started composing music at
the age of 9. In 2012 he graduated from music school in the classes «Accordion»,
«Violin», «Trumpet».
In June 2017 Dmytro graduated from Poltava Music College named after
M. V. Lysenko in the violin class with honors. While in college, he continued to write
music, study composition and orchestration. Repeatedly was the winner of the
competition for young composers in the nomination «Orchestral Music». As a college
student, he continued to play the violin, trumpet, accordion, piano, and was interested
in the technique of playing the viola, cello, double bass, and trombone.
Since September 1, 2017, he has been a student at Luhansk Taras Shevchenko
National University, where he is studying the specialty «Music Art». In February
2021 Dyma received a master’s degree with honors in «orchestral wind instruments»
(trumpet). While studying for a master’s degree, he was nominated for an academic
scholarship by the President of Ukraine. In January 2021 Dmytro defended his
master’s thesis on «The Phenomenon of Multi-Instrumentalism: Theory and
Practice». Now musician continues to obtain a master’s degree in «orchestral string
instruments» (violin) at Lugansk National University and currently continues to
actively research the phenomenon of multi-instrumentalism, has a number of
scientific publications on this topic. In parallel with his studies at the university,
Dyma has been working as an artist in the Poltava Academic Symphony Orchestra
since October 18, 2017.
In his free time, Dmytro continues to be interested in new musical instruments
and accumulates them in his own collection. In early 2021, it contained instruments
such as the violin, viola, cello, double-bass, trumpet in Bb, trumpet piccolo, French
horn, trombone, guitar, ukulele, 4-string domra, piano, keyboard synthesizer,
accordion, melodica, harmonica, pan flute, recorder, tank drum, metallophone,
various percussion, etc. He runs a YouTube channel «Double Musician», where he
occasionally publishes own multi-instrumental arrangements of classical pieces,
cover versions of famous songs and soundtracks.
Dmytro is a laureate of many international, all-Ukrainian competitions and
festivals of performers on wind and string instruments, in particular: «VI
International Competition of Young Trumpeters named after M. Starovetsky» in
Ternopil, Ukraine (1 st  prize); «International Music Competition – 2019, 2020» in

Belgrade, Serbia (1 st  prize – trumpet); International Talent Festival «Olimpus Star» in
Athens, Greece (1 st  prize – violin) and many others. In 2020 he was awarded a
«Diploma of the 1 st degree» in the category «Author’s song, music» in the university
competition, and in 2021 Dyma won the «Prize for the best video greeting to the
100th anniversary of Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National University».

Dmytro Holoborodov
Dmytro Holoborodov

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