Eden Mazor Piano

Eden Mazor (born 2006) began his piano studies at the Ramat Gan Music Center
when he was 8 years old. His tutor is Ms. Marina Gershman.
In his second year at the Center he appeared as a soloist with the Ramat Gan
Symphony Orchestra, and won a Silver Medal at the Golden Key Competition at
the Felicja Blumental Center.
Since then, he has played solo annually at the Excellent Soloist Concerts with the
Ramat Gan Symphony Orchestra, participated and won competitions in Israel
and overseas. Eden is a member of several ensembles and appears with them in
various conferences and cultural events. He has been invited to perform as a
soloist in events such as the Hebrew Authors Association conference, Saturday
events at the Ramat Gan Theater and various municipal exhibition opening
events, receptions and ceremonies.
Eden is a student of the Excellence Track at the Ramat Gan Music Center. He
was awarded an America–Israel Cultural Foundation Grant (AICF) for 2020–2021
and has been awarded a Ramat Gan Municipality Excellence Grant since 2017.
Eden is a fifth grade student at the “Thelma Yelin School of Arts”

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