Sergiu Garabajii Opera

Sergiu Garabajii (b. 1998) is from Lipnic village, Ocnita district, Republic
of Moldova. He is a student of the Faculty of Musical Performance, Canto
specialization, within the “Gheorghe Dima” National Music Academy in
Cluj-Napoca, Romania, and beneficiary for the second time of a
scholarship offered by The Princess Margareta of Romania Foundation.
Among numerous participations in national and international competitions,
Sergiu Garabajii won the Grand Prize at the “Paul Costantinescu” National
Competition, Romania (2021), Commemorative Certificate at the “Antonin
Dvorak” International Competition, Czech Republic (2021), “Winner Voice”
Special Prize at the International Moscow Music Competition, Russia
(2021), First Prize at the “IMKA Music Competition”, Bosnia and
Herzegovina (2021), the First Prize in the semifinals in Chicago at the
International Music “Grand Prix” Competition, USA, (2021), the Second
Prize at the International Music Performance Competition “Wiener
Klassiker”, Austria (2021), Excellence Diploma, Winner, Student of the
Year in Arts category at the Gala of The League of Romanian Students
Abroad, Excellence Diploma attesting excellence and demonstrated
potential for involvement in development projects in the Republic of
Moldova, 8th Edition, Arts category, the Third Prize at the 10th “Città di
Massa”, International Competition for young musicians, Italy (2021), the
First Prize for Excellence and Special Prize for virtuosity at the
International Competition “Sound Resonances”, Romania (2020), Special
Prize “Cătălina Cortez” within the International Vocal Performance
Competition “Georges Enesco”, France (2 020), the Second Prize at the
International Performance Competition “France Music Competition”,
France (2020), “Best Young Performer” Prize at the Festival and National
Competition of the Romanian Song, Romania (2019), the First Prize at the
National Competition “Ștefan Neaga” Musical and Instrumental
Performance, Republic of Moldova (2017), and an important participation
in the “Manhattan International Music Competition” in the USA (2020).
Demanding personality, studious, sociable, Sergiu Garabajii studied
piano, making his debut as a choir conductor with the “Gloria” Choir. He
funded the vocal ensemble acapella “Crescendo Band”, being the leader
of the religious quartet “Sacramento” and singing in the men’s choir
“Gnosis”, the religious theme being very close to his soul. Recent projects
include “The Rising of Life”, an animated video with personal composition
and video direction. Sergiu Garabajii has numerous recordings at the
Hungarian Opera in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, vocal recitals in Romania, in
Bacău (2020), at the National Opera in Bucharest (2020), in Piacenza,
Italy (2020), at the Șuțu Palace in Bucharest, during the Iosif Sava Music
Season 2020-2021, as well as live streams at the Sahia Film Studio in
Bucharest (2020), “Recital cameral” – Palazzo Ricci, Montepulciano, Italy
His vocation is music, and perseverance represents him.

Sergiu Garabajii

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