Antoni Kosowski Violin Youth Talents

Antoni Kosowski is 9 years old and has been learning to play the violin
for almost 3 years. For several months he took private lessons from
Małgorzata Rąbalska in Mińsk Mazowiecki (Poland). Then he enrolled in
the 1st degree W.J. Ciesielski State Music School in Gorzów
Wielkopolski (Poland), where he attends the violin class of Maciej
Grygiel. He’s in third grade now.
Antoni has managed to achieve several successes so far. He received 1 st
place in 8th International Music Competition „The Sound of Music” in
Oradea, 1st place in International „IMKA Music Competition” in Sarajevo,
1 st place in the international online contest “World Art Games”and other
numerous awards in international and national competitions.
Antoni really likes to play energetic and fast music. In addition to playing
the violin, he also learns to play the piano. In his spare time, he builds
Lego blocks and makes films and is interested in warships.

Antoni Kosowski Violin Prodigy

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