Siddhartha Bhattacharya Violin

Siddhartha Bhattacharya, 16 years old started learning Violin at the age of 7 from Guru Pt. Milind
Raikar ji in Mumbai.
Legendary Hindustani (Indian) Classical Violinist Pt. Milind Raikar ji ( a
foremost disciple of late Padma Shri Pandit D K Datar Ji and late Padma Vibhushan Gaan Saraswari
Kishori Amonkar Ji). He has been learning the art of playing Violin as an instrument and have been
learning Hindustani classical Raags (Raag is a melodic framework for improvisation akin to a melodic
mode in Indian classical music) under Pt. Milind Raikar ji for about 8 years now. He has also learned
to play Bansuri (the Indian Bamboo) from eminent Guru Shri Govind Gosavi ji from the age of 9 years
while he picked up Western classical on Violin instrument.
Siddhartha Bhattacharya has mastered the art of playing the Violin instrument both in Indian and
Western classical music genres. 
Some of his achievements are listed below:
 CCRT (Centre for Cultural Resources and Training – Ministry of Culture, Govt of India) under
14 Scholarship.
 Cleared ‘Madhyama Purna’ (Diploma in Music level) with 1 st class in the exams conducted by
Akhil Bhartiya Gandharva Mahavidyalaya Mandal (a pristine institute from India with
branches all over the world and diploma/degrees recognised at a world level), Miraj in 2021.
Cleared ‘Madhyama Pratham’ and ‘Praveshika Purna’ with distinction from the same
 Cleared Grades 1 to 7 in Western classical on Violin instrument from Trinity College of
London, UK. Completed ‘Grade 7’ level 3 in January 2020
 ‘1st Prize’ awarded by IMKA (International Internet Music & Dance Competition) Sarajevo,
Bosnia held in the month of Aug 2022
 1 st Prize at International Music competition held by IYMC- Atlanta- USA. He’s the only Indian
child in 14 to 18 years bracket get this honor in 2022
 ‘Gold Prize’ awarded by Global Genius Music awards, UK for outstanding performance in the
world music category in 2022
 ‘1st Prize’ awarded by US Open International Music Competition, California (USA) for
outstanding performance in advanced level Indian classical music
 ‘1st Prize’ awarded by UK International Music Competition, London (a member of World
Online Music Competitions Federation)
 ‘Gold Prize’ awarded by ‘2022 European Summer Music Competition’ an international award
in Music in the month of July 2022 for outstanding performance in Hindustani classical music
on Violin Instrument
 ‘Gold Prize’ awarded by ‘Best Classical Musicians (A Member of World Musicians League
Competitions Union)’ in an International Music competition for performance in Hindustani
classical music on Violin Instrument
 ‘Silver Award’ for outstanding performance in Hindustani classical on Violin instrument at
the prestigious international music competition held by Appassionato Quebec Online Youth
Music Festival
 ‘Silver Award’ for outstanding performance in Hindustani Classical Music on Violin
instrument ‘Concert Performance’ category open to all genres of music, by Global

International Music competition in association with ‘The International Competitions of
Music and Fine Arts (Canada)’
 Golden Strings Awards by EAFF- Awarded Diploma Laureate in the month of April 2022 for
outstanding performance at a worldwide competition and nominated for ‘World Folk 2022’
 The Child Prodigy Award in the month of March 2022, for his outstanding achievement in
the field of Hindustani classical music
 Awarded ‘Rashtriya Baal Kala Samman (National Award for children – in Music Category) in
the month of April 2022
 ‘Youngest Violinist to receive maximum certifications in Hindustani and Western Classical
Music on Violin Instrument’ from India Book of Records in August 2021
 1st prize in ‘Tarang 2022’ – National level Music and Dance competition organized by the
prestigious Auro University in January 2022
 Zonal Winner in Virsa National level Interschool competition held by Routes2roots a leading
NGO based out of New Delhi. This competition where 10,000 + students participated from
all over India held in March 2022
 ‘India Star Icon Kids Achievers Award’ in September 2021 for being the youngest versatile
child from Mumbai in the ‘playing musical instrument’ category
 ‘Rising Star’ Award from an International organization in the year 2021 for his outstanding
 1st Prize at the ‘Ajivasan-National level Interschool competition’ held by Padma Shree
Suresh Wadkar’s academy in the year 2021
 1st Prize (Pt. Venkata Charya Bhagavathula Award) at ‘Art Hub’ who organised the
International Indian Classical Music and Dance competition in January 2021
 1st prize twice (in the year 2017 & 2020) in national level music and dance competition held
by ‘Swar Sadhana Samiti’, Mumbai
 ‘Best Flute Player of Year award’ from his mentor institution for Bansuri
 Many more awards and recognitions
He’s equally brilliant in studies and has deep interest in Maths and Science subjects.

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