Atena Buranicz

My name is Atena Buranicz. I was born in 2007 in Wrocław, Poland, and I still live here.
I have been playing the violin since I was seven. I am in the first grade in Karol Szymanowski
Secondary School in Wroclaw in the violin class of Mr. Tomasz Stocki. I have received
several awards in the following competitions:  in 2021, I received the 1st prize in the category
“Music of the 20 th Century” of the “Great Composer Competition.” I have also received the
second prize in the category “Artist of the Year” in the season 2020/2021. In 2022, I was
awarded the first prize in the ‘IMKA Music Competition,’ and I also achieved the first prize
in MEDICI International Music Competition. I am still looking forward to new competitions
and ready for new challenges to come. Apart from playing the violin, I am very keen on
traveling. In the future, I would like to play the violin all around the world.

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