Izabella Smeltere Oboe

Izabella Smeltere studies music since the age of 7 and discovered oboe when she was 9 years old, at Emīls Dārziņš
Music School – a junior music conservatory in Riga. It was love at first sound that keeps growing
stronger! She also plays piano and loves composing. Besides, she enjoys solfeggio and is eager to teach it
to all her family. Izabella has won I prize in VI Paris International Music Competition (2021), I prize in
International Youth Music Competition, Category – Composition (2022) and I prize in Charleston 19th
Century Music Competition (2022). She is determined to become a professional musician and is happy to
feel that her teachers and her music school inspires her to follow her dreams. She speaks Latvian, English,
Italian and at school has just started to learn Russian too.

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